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My photoalbum
This is one of the first photos of me. 
I'm out on the big, dangerous floor with my siblings. 
I'm about 4 weeks old (I'm the one in the middle).
Can somebody play with me?? 
Pretty worn out.
3 and a half months old - digging in the mud.
Who is that?
5 months
Exhibition in Tromsø July 1997
I hate taking a bath!!!
Afterwards I warm myself in a blanket 
while my coat dries.
Me on a walk in Fagernesfjellet 
looking at Ofotfjorden and Narvik.
Summer 1997 - 9 months
Eastern 1998 - keeping watch
Christmas 1998 - Santas dog
I really like sitting in a rucksack 
 when I am tired after a long walk.
My new raincoat!
July 1999
Do you want to play with me???
Goodnight. I'm so tired.