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Here you can meet some of my good friends.
Adonis or "Nisse" as he is called is my best friend. He is a Bearded Collie (close cropped) and he is 8 years. He is my loyal walking companion, and I am always thrilled to see him.
Afrodite, "Diba" among friends. She is 6 months older than me, and live just a few blocks from me.

This is Fant", a big, strong dalmation-boy. Guess what - he can really smile when he is happy. He lives in Bjarkøy, but he always visit me when he drives through Narvik.

Bolita is 8 år. Unfortunately she has got the eye disease PRA and she is almost blind. Still - she does not seem to take any notice of that. She's a happy and kind tibetan spaniel.
Sirah and Bolita posing.