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If you wonder why my page is called "The Golden Child",
it's because I got this nickname very early in my life.
One of the reasons could be my golden coat?
Or maybe all the attention I get?
I really don't know...
9 weeks
3 months
 Here I'm little and cute, don't you think?
This is my father, Santo.
Sakya's Gon-Sa Sem-Pa
Mirjabo's Kennel
Torgunn Østlyngen
Nerskogen, 9500 Alta
This is my mother, Amanda.
Sakya's O-No Karma
Bergrabben's Kennel
Gunvor og Sigurd Sørensen
Saunaveien 7, 9500 Alta
Even if my body is small, I can be very useful - I even got a "brother" who has got
 approval as search dog for injured mooses.
And he is also a norvegian champion!!
Doesn't he look great?
NUCH NVCH Bergrabben's Yung-Chao-Tsun
born: 11.04.95
You should not underestimate me because of my size.
I love to take lo-o-o-ong country walks in the scenery surrounding our city -
and also to take part in everything that goes on in my everyday life,
such as go visiting.
5 months 9 months
I like to sit high up on the stairs or in the window sill,
looking at everything and everybody.
When I see a cat, I will try to chase it. It is the perfect size for me.
The rest of the time I just lay back and enjoy my life.