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Features of the Tibetan Spaniel
There's a saying amongst we Tibbie folk, here's a warning so take heed,
That once you have a Tibbie, you'll never want another breed.
They were bred in Buddhist monasteries, high up in Tibet,
Used to give the Monks some warmth and as watch dogs, don't forget.
With cousins like the Pekingese and Lhasa Apso too,
You'd expect a lot of grooming, but don't worry that's not true.
They have a lovely double coat which keeps them warm and clean,
It should be lying rather flat and finished with a sheen.
It's said that they are part feline, is that because they're agile?
And yes they are a sturdy dog, you couldn't call them fragile.
Actually they're independent, that's why they're like a cat,
They also have that curious streak, most Tibbies are like that.
A breed that's slightly arrogant, their tails are carried proud,
There's creams right through to black and tans, all colours are allowed.
An apelike expression is the face we like to see,
With a scowl that's quite enchanting, a special trait you will agree.
Comparing males and females should not be all that hard,
The adult males possess a mane and strut around their yard.
The girls should have a smaller head and may be dainty and petite,
The boys will 'drive you up the wall' when the girls all come on heat.
They are known to dislike kennels but are partial to your bed,
You must make sure you fence them in and stay one step ahead.
Tibbies can be schemers and have a very high IQ,
They don't take long to learn some tricks and be trained in something new.
But please don't let them off their leads they are not the most obedient,
They'll try to 'get one up on you' if owners are too lenient.
With strangers they can be aloof, a fact that's quite well known,
They also have a stubborn streak and this they like to hone.
They probably won't come when called I know they rarely listen,
Unless I have a treat in store and show them what they're missin'.
This often makes me wonder why I give my Tibbies 'call' names,
It sometimes seems so pointless when they play their stubborn games.
I think this is their only vice and for this we must be grateful,
I would not give them other ideas, to tempt this could be fateful.
Tibbies love to talk to you in a language all their own,
In time you'll grasp the meaning, and recognise the tone.
So if you get a Tibbie, it's a decision you won't regret,
There'll never be dull moments, you couldn't have a better pet.
by Pam Dunlop
Tibrockney Tibetan Spaniels, Australia © 1998