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- the land of the midnight sun
I am most greatful to be living in such a beautiful country.
Some people claim that we have polar bears in the streets of our cities,
but that is not quite the truth.
Yes, Norway lies north in Europe.
And yes, our winters are cold and long.
And yes again, part of our country lies north of the polar circle.
But still - I have yet to see a real life polar bear.
Wild mooses in our back gardens, on the other hand........
Well, that's another story!
Norway is a small country. The total population is about 4,3 millions.
In my hometown, the number of inhabitants are approximately 18.500.
But it is not the size that matters.
(Where have I heard that before..........?)
We have a lot of beautiful nature, we have the midnight sun
and we have the aurora polaris (northern light).
Just to mention a few of our tourist attractions.
Well, I guess there's a lot I could tell you about my country,
about the vikings, the trolls, our peaky mountains and deep fjords.
But wouldn't you rather come here and see for yourself?
I promise, you wont regret it.
To learn some more about the best country in the world,
come visit us in real life!
The famous northern light - aurora polaris.